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  • How The Listening Therapy successfully treats:

    The work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris is well known nowadays in medical, educational and psychological circles.

    All of his research has been focused on the human ear, for more than 50 years he has been studying the ear from all angles, tirelessly questioning his beliefs in order to prove his point and produce clinical results.

    In tackling the problem of Meniere’s Syndrome he backs up his theories with the functional mechanism of the ear. He puts emphasis on the role of the vestibular apparatus which, when disturbed, can trigger various forms of giddiness, the most common being Meniere’s Vertigo.

    The role of the Vestibular apparatus is well known but the originality of his theory is that the problem is to do with the psyche, indeed, Professor Tomatis asserts that the origin is psychological.

    "Listening Therapy" - to listen well means to be in communication with oneself, with others and with the universe. According to Prof. Tomatis, People affected by Meniere’s Vertigo have a part of themselves which does not want to listen and is also in great conflict with its environment. The Vertigo is a physical response to an emotional tension which can’t be dealt with. Sometimes such emotional tensions are obvious and due to direct circumstances, or they might also have been growing gradually over many years, unsuspected until the pressure breaks.

    This theory has now been confirmed and consolidated with clinical results from a large number of Listening Therapy Centres in the world over the past 40 years. It is a relief to know that something can be done. The treatment helps victims of Vertigo to regain their balance and the Vertigo attacks cease altogether, thus they are able to regain their confidence, peace of mind and control of their lives.

    Case Study: Jehanne's Story



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