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  • How The Listening Therapy successfully treats:

    "The appearance and conscious self-control of the listening posture leads to the desired calm so that the heart's ear opens" Alfred A. Tomatis

    In order to succeed nowadays and to cope with the multiple problems posed by society, to lead a fulfilling professional and family life, we need to be creative and positive.

    The ear, energised by the Electronic Listening Device, supplies the necessary energy to feed the thought process, reflection, creativity and leads to a physical and intellectual relaxation.

    The Listening |Therapy helps optimise potential:

    Intellectual potential, by fighting tiredness and stress.

    By helping cortical recharge and by reducing tension, the Listening Therapy encourages a more balanced life. With better sleep, and increased appetite and zest for life, communication with those around us improves and also concentration, memory and self-confidence.

    The creative potential will be very considerably changed thank to the techniques used.

    After the listening sessions, audio-vocal exercises help each participant to make the most of his talents, according to his aspirations.

    Physical potential:

    The ear does not only exist for listening. It is also the organ which controls balance and stimulates the body.

    The vestibular system, which is part of the inner ear, controls all the muscles in the body and ensures balance.

    By using suitable exercises with the Electronic Listening Device the middle ear is stimulated so that the inner ear can fulfil its function of cortical recharge.

    Therefore there is a re-establishment of balance: both psychologically and physically. Self confidence increases and anxiety disappears: two factors which are indispensable for the improvement of sporting and work performances.

    Sporting organisations which have worked with the Listening Therapy all show an improvement in body control and team spirit - due to a better understanding of relationships. This reflects what is observed with individuals who undergo sessions with the Electronic Listening Device: tensions are reduced because the subject has changed their behaviour.

    Like top athletes, thanks to a better self-control of our body, we can face up to the trials of life with serenity



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