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    Dr. A. Tomatis, French Physician, Neurologist and E.N.T. Specialist has been a prolific pioneer in the study of auditory processing and language development for the past 45 years. He was also one of the first to believe that babies can hear their mother’s voice in the womb.

    Babies perceive their mother's voice from their fourth month of prenatal life. According to Tomatis the nine months in the womb is a crucial time not only for physiological development also for psychological development. The perception of the mother's voice is the very first bond of communication with the world. The quality of this bond will deeply influence our attitude toward life. Babies make 'one' with their mother’s feelings and emotions, they feel every muscular tension of the mother, they share the hormonal secretions of the mother's emotions, and most of all they are engulfed by their mother's voice via the bone vibration. The mother's voice fills the baby with a sense of well being and provides a huge amount of stimulation to the brain and the nervous system. Indeed the function of the ear is not limited to just hearing, the ears give tremendous energy to the brain also controls the posture and inducing a good verticality so that one not only hears, but starts to listen properly.

    Through his work, Dr. Tomatis has developed a treatment which is simply based on listening to specific sounds through an "Electronic Listening Device", filtered accordingly to the individual need of the patient. These sounds (Mozart and also Gregorian Chant tapes) are filtered in such a way the cars are forced to listen properly. This method has been successfully helping women during their pregnancy in many centres of the Listening Therapy network but also in two French hospitals (Foch and Vesoul) The method helps not only to facilitate an easier birth but also to improve the quality of the pregnancy.

    Pregnant women who experience the Listening Therapy sessions feel extremely relaxed - and approach the birth of their child with the same relaxed feeling. It releases the back pains and gives them more energy to cope. During the sessions themselves. mothers experience a great exchange with their baby who responds to the music.

    The number of sessions varies between 60 and 90 (4 sessions per day i.e. 2 hours per day) usually after the 5th month of pregnancy

    A study has been done at the Vesoul Hospital in France with 50 woman on the Listening Therapy Treatment compared with 50 women with no preparation whatsoever and a further 50 women on the traditional method of preparation. The results were as follows:




    Average time of labour




    No. of Cesareans




    Spontaneous Delivery




    Babies also benefit from the sessions, indeed they respond to their mother’s sense of well being and to the improvement of their mother's voice which becomes enriched in harmonics and modulations. "Tomatis babies" are known to be more aware, alert and ‘toned-up'.

    We are all aware of the importance of these 9 months in the womb. The Listening Therapy preparation provides the best chances to make every birth a happy event and prepares future mothers to bring their babies into the world in happiness and serenity



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