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  • How The Listening Therapy successfully treats:

    How could the Tomatis Method, which consists of a stimulation of the ears via the Electronic Listening Device* have any benefit on epilepsy?

    The function of the ear is not limited to just hearing. In some ways we could say that hearing comes after what are more important functions of the ears. First of all the main funcion of the ear is to give tremendous energy to the brain, secondly the ears control the posture and induce a good verticality so that the person not only hears but listens properly.

    It happens that many people suffer from epilepsy with different forms of fits. In most cases we quickly observe a change of pattern: the fits become less violent, less frequent and the child recuperates much faster. Some people have stopped fitting and have been able to come off medication.

    The treatment works on a physiological level as well as an emotional level, but, of course, the two interact very deeply. On the physiological level, the treatment balances the response of the two ears and therefore balances the level, the treatment balances the response of the two ears and therefore balances the level of energy getting in the two hemispheres. On the emotional level, the sessions have a very deep relaxing effect and release lots of anxiety. This feeling of well-being is wiry important. Indeed, we feel that in many cases the fits are stress related, as if the convulsion was the only way the person could find to cope with an emotional situation.

    After the treatment these people find more "mature" ways to face frustrations and life on the whole. They become more alert, communicative and start to open their ears to listen.

    * The "Electronic Listening Device" - a set of headphones, a microphone and a system of electronic "gates" which filter sounds to specific frequencies - altogether a sort of working model of the real ear. The device trains the ear to function without distortion, until one’s own ears can do the job themselves unaided.

    Case Study :Ellie's Story


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