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    Listening Centre
    Pictured here : Sally Smith, Professor Tomatis, Luke, Mdme. Tomatis, Alex Smith - Professor Tomatis personally trained the Smith's in Paris but, in addition, stayed and worked with them in Lewes for a 6 month period, where the type of treatment to be given to British people was completely reorganised.

    Listening Therapy is practised in over 200 centres throughout the world. The centre in the UK is in Lewes, East Sussex. The types of problems treated are shown on this site. Please take an opportunity to click on the appropriate complaint to discover how the Listening Thearpy treats these problems and note the case studies, recently added.

    The Listening Centre (Lewes) Ltd

    Maltings Studio, 16A Station Street,
    Lewes, East Sussex
    BN7 2DB
    Tel: 01273 474877 Fax: 01273 487500


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